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Publications in English
Haruka Ueno

Publications in Journals
    Ueno H, Ishikawa H, Suzuki R, Izumida Y, Ohashi Y, Yamauchi T, Kadowaki T, Kiuchi T. The association between health literacy levels and patient-reported outcomes in Japanese type 2 diabetic patients. SAGE Open Medicine 2019;7:1-10.
    Ueno H, Yamazaki Y, Yonekura Y, Park MJ, Ishikawa H, Kiuchi T. Reliability and validity of a 12-item medication adherence scale for patients with chronic disease in Japan. BMC Health Services Research 2018;18:592.
    Sugimoto K, Ogata Y, Kashiwagi M, Ueno H, Yumoto Y, Yonekura Y. Factors associated with deaths in 'Elderly Housing with Care Services' in Japan: a cross-sectional study. BMC Palliat Care 2017;16(1):58.
    Yukawa K, Yonekura Y, Ueno H, Park MJ, Yamazaki Y, Kitagawa A, Ono M, Yamazumi Y, Yasukata F. Perceived Positive Changes in Attitude to Life in Participants in the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program in Japan.Therapeutic Research 2017;8:813-8.

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