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UMIN Center -Publications in English-
Masafumi Okada

Publications in Journals
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English Abstracts - International Meetings
  1. Yoshinobu Watanabe, Takanobu Nakase, Tomoo Ishii, Ken Urabe, Keiko Fujie, Masafumi Okada, Koichi Hashimoto, Seiya Jingushi. IV-4?Acceleration of Tibial Open and/or Comminuted Fracture Healing by Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS); A Retrospective Cohort Study. Journal of orthopaedic trauma;28(6); 2014.
  2. Kensuke Uchida, Kunihiro Yamagata, Chie Saitou, Masafumi Okada. Does acute kidney injuery leads to or worsen chronic kidney disease? Risk factors for chronic kidney disease after acute kidney injury. 49th ERA-EDTA Congress; 2012.
  3. Mariko Doi, Rokeya Sultana Rekha, Sultan Ahmed, Masafumi Okada, Anjan Kumar Roy, Shams El Arifeen, Eva-Charlotte Ekstrom, Rubhana Raqib, Yukiko Wagatsuma. Calcium in breast milk is associated with the wasting of infant at around 6 months age in a cohort of Bangladesh. World Congress of Epidemiology 2011; 2011.
  4. Masafumi Okada. Bridging Electrical Data Entry Sheet and ?Statistical Software by Standard Data Model. World Congress of Epidemiology 2011 ?; 2011.
  5. Ayako Ito, Masafumi Okada, Makoto Ohara, Yukiko Wagatsuma. Effect of a new public transportation on geographic coverage of hospital care. Joint Scientific Meeting of IEA Western Pacific Region and Japan Epidemiological Association; 2010.
  6. Mariko Doi, Masafumi Okada, Rubhana Raqib, Yukiko Wagatsuma. The relation between calcium in breast milk and maternal nutritional status in rural Bangladesh. Joint Scientific Meeting of IEA Western Pacific Region and Japan Epidemiological Association; 2010.

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