No.14 (1980)

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Phonetic Manifestation of Syntactic Structure in English I. Lehiste 1 PDF
Laryngeal Gestures in Speech Production M. Sawashima and H. Hirose 29 PDF
Vocal Pitch Control in Word Accent and Sentence Intonation in Japanese M. Sawashima 53 PDF
Nonlinear Frequency Compression Speech Processing Based on the PARCOR Analysis-Synthesis Technique S. Sekimoto and S. Saito 65 PDF
Measurement of the Laryngeal Structures during Phonation by Use of a Stereoendoscope K. Honda, S. R. Hibi, S. Kiritani, S. Niimi and H. Hirose 73 PDF
Response Characteristics of the Velar Movement to the Activity of the Levator Palatini Muscle S. Kiritani, H. Hirose, V. Sorokin, H. Imagawa and S. Masaki 79 PDF
On the Rhythm Pattern of Repetitive Utterances S. R. Hibi 85 PDF
Simultaneous X-Ray Microbeam and EMG Study of Velum Movement for Japanese Nasal Sounds S. Kiritani, H. Hirose and M. Sawashima 91 PDF
Analysis of Pitch Control in Singing H. Fujisaki, M. Tatsumi and N. Higuchi 101 PDF
Laryngeal Control for Initiation of Utterances - A Simultaneous Observation of Glottal Configuration and Laryngeal EMG - H. Hirose, M. Sawashima and H. Yoshioka 113 PDF
Fiberscopic Study on Laryngeal Adjustments for Syllable-Final Applosives in Korean M. Sawashima, H. S. Park, K. Honda and H. Hirose 125 PDF
Relative Timing of Articulatory and Phonatory Controls in Japanese Word Accent: A Study on Nonsense Two-Mora Words M. Sawashima, H. Hirose, K. Honda and M. Sugito 139 PDF
Spectrographic Study of the Vowels [a] and [e] in Portuguese R. Fukui 149 PDF
Hemispheric Asymmetry of Auditory Evoked Responses and Abnormal Verbal Behavior K. Itoh, S. Niwa, K. Hiramatsu, Y. Saito and S. Kikkawa 171 PDF
Intelligibility of Frequency Compressed Speech in Lowpass Filtered Condition S. Sekimoto, S. Kiritani and S. Saito 181 PDF
Perceptual Phoneme Confusion of Frequency-Compressed Speech S. Sekirnoto, S. Kiritani and S. Saito 195 PDF
Random Perturbations on the Pitch Pattern and the Naturalness of Synthetic Speech H. Imagawa, S. Kiritani and S. Saito 201 PDF
Effect of Acoustic Feature Speech Parameters on Perceptual Identification of Speaker S. Saito and K. Itoh 209 PDF
Context Effects in Phonetic and Non-Phonetic Vowel Judgments S. Shigeno and H. Fujisaki 217 PDF
Comprehension of Relative Clause Construction and Pitch Contours in Japanese T. Uyeno, H. Hayashibe, K. Imai, H. Imagawa and S. Kiritani 225 PDF
Comprehension of Complement Constructions in Japanese T. Uyeno, H. Yamada, H. Hayashibe and R. Aoki 237 PDF
Patterns of Dysarthric Movements in Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Pseudobulbar Palsy H. Hirose, S. Kiritani and M. Sawashima 263 PDF
Voice Onset Time Characteristics of Apraxia of Speech Part II M. Itoh, S. Sasanuma, I. F. Tatsumi, S. Hata, Y. Fukusako and T. Suzuki 273 PDF
Perceptual Abilities of Aphasic Patients to Identify Fundamental Frequency Patterns and Stroke Directions in Verbal and Non-Verbal Stimuli I. F. Tatsumi, S. Sasanuma and H. Fujisaki 285 PDF
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