No.13 (1979)

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Temporal Patterns of Articulatory and Phonatory Controls          M. Sawashima 1 PDF
Laryngeal EMG H. Hirose 13 PDF
Laryngeal Control for Voicing Distinctions: A Review of Recent Works M. Sawashima 23 PDF
Some Basic Studies on Recording and Processing Techniques in EMG Data Assessment S. Niimi, S. Kiritani, H. Hirose, N. Takahashi,K. Yana and K. Shirai 27 PDF
Pharyngeal Wall Movement during Speech S. Niimi 43 PDF
Effects of Stress on Jaw Movements in. American English S. Kiritani and H. Hirose 53 PDF
Laryngeal Adjustment of Fukienese Stops - Initial Plosive and Final Applosives R. Iwata, M. Sawashirna, H. Hirose and S. Niimi 61 PDF
Laryngeal Adjustments for Syllable Final Stops in Korean: Some Preliminary Results of Fiberoptic Observation M. Sawashima and H. S. Park 83 PDF
A Preliminary Study on the Rhythm Patterns of Repetitive Utterances - The differences between the utterances pre-set by auditory and visual stimuli - S. Hibi 91 PDF
Acoustic Properties of Ataxic and Parkinsonian Speech in Syllable Repetition Tasks I. F. Tatsumi, S. Sasanuma, H. Hirose and S. Kiritani 99 PDF
Velocity of Articulatory Movements in Normal and Dysarthric Subjects H. Hirose and S. Kiritani 105 PDF
Disturbance of the Rhythmic Structure of Speech in the Dysarthrias H. Hirose and M. Sawashima 113 PDF
Voice Onset Time Characteristics of Apraxia of Speech M. Itoh, S. Sasanuma, I. F. Tatsumi and Y. Kobayashi 123 PDF
Frequency Compression Techniques of Speech using Linear Prediction Analysis-Synthesis Scheme S. Sekimoto, S. Kiritani and S. Saito 133 PDF
Effect of Acoustic Feature Parameters of Speech on Perceptual Identification of Speech S. Saito and K. Itoh 137 PDF
Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics of Speech Spectrum Characterizing Individual Speakers S. Saito and S. Furui 145 PDF
Temporal Organization of Segmental Features in Japanese Disyllables Hiroya Fujisaki and Norio Higuchi 155 PDF
Acoustic Features of the Fundamental Frequency Contours of Declarative Sentences in Japanese H. Fujisaki. K. Hirose and K. Ohta 163 PDF
On Pitch Contours of Declarative, Complex Sentences in Japanese T. Uyeno, H. Hayashibe and K. Imai 175 PDF
Effect of a Preceding Anchor upon the Categorical Judgment of Speech and Non-Speech Stimuli S. Shigeno and H. Fujisaki 189 PDF
Interaction Between Two Tones in Successive Presentation S. Shigeno and H. Fujisaki 201 PDF
Auditory Evoked Responses to Verbal and Nonverbal Stimuli and Selective Attention K. Itoh, S. Niwa, Y. Saito and S. Kikkawa 205 PDF
Publications - 213 PDF