No.12 (1978)

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Computer Tomography of the Vocal Tract S. Kiritani, E. Takenaka and M. Sawashima 1 PDF
A New Portable Type Unit for Electropalatography S. Shibata, A. Ino, S. Yamashita, S. Hiki, S. Kiritani and M. Sawashima 5 PDF
Dynamic Characteristics of Tongue Movement in the Production of Connected Vowels S. Sekimoto, H. Imagawa and S. Kiritani 11 PDF
A Correlation Analysis of Velar Movement and the EMG Activity of the Levator Palatini Muscle During Speech K. Yonemoto, S. Kiritani and H. Hirose 21 PDF
A Preliminary Report on the Timing of Consonant and Vowel Articulations in English S. Kiritani, H. Hirose and T. Baer 29 PDF
An Electromyographic Study of the Kinki Accent M. Sugito and H. Hirose 35 PDF
Abductor (PCA) and Adductor (TNT) Muscles of the Larynx in Voiceless Sound Production M. Sawashima, H. Hirose and H. Yoshioka 53 PDF
A Cross Language Study of Laryngeal Adjustment in Consonant Production H. Hirose, H. Yoshioka and S. Niimi 61 PDF
Patterns of Dysarthric Movements in Patients with Parkinsonism H. Hirose, S. Kiritani, T. Ushijima, H. Yoshioka and M. Sawashima 73 PDF
Articulatory Dynamics in a Patient with Apraxia of Speech: X-Ray Microbeam Observation M. Itoh, S. Sasanuma, H. Hirose, H. Yoshioka and T. Ushijima 87 PDF
A Study of the Accentual Effect on Segmental and Moraic Duration in Japanese F. Mitsuya and M. Sugito 97 PDF
Soundspectrographic Analysis of Naron Clicks - A Preliminary Report - R. Kagaya 113 PDF
Transmission of Meaning by Language H. Fujisaki. K. Hirose and Y. Katagiri 127 PDF
Word Accent in Japanese and English: A Comparative Study of Acoustic Characteristics in Disyllabic Words K. Hirose, H. Fujisaki and M. Sugito 141 PDF
Identification of Synthetic Speech Stimuli by Hearing-Impaired Subjects A. Yokkaichi and H. Fujisaki 149 PDF
Auditory and Visual Perception of Verbal and Nonverbal Stimuli in Aphasic Patients I. F. Tatsumi, S. Sasanuma and H. Fujisaki 157 PDF
Comprehension of Sentences with Giving and Receiving Verbs in Japanese Children T. Uyeno, S. I. Harada, H. Hayashibe and H. Yamada 167 PDF
Japanese Iotazism and Articulatory Acquisition J. A. Bisazza 187 PDF
Publications - 199 PDF