No.15 (1981)

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Relative Timing of the Consonant and Vowel Articulations in Selected VCV Utterances in American English S. Kiritani and H. Hirose 1 PDF
Measurements of the Vocal Fold Length by Use of Stereoendoscope - A Preliminary Study M. Sawashima, H. Hirose, S. Hibi, H. Yoshioka, N. Kawase and M. Yamada 9 PDF
Laryngeal Adjustments in Japanese Word Accent H. Yoshioka and H. Hirose 17 PDF
An Electromyographic Study of Laryngeal Adjustments for the Korean Stops H. Hirose, H.S. Park, H. Yoshioka, M. Sawashima and H. Umeda 31 PDF
Laryngeal Adjustments for Syllable-Final Stops in Cantonese R. Iwata, M. Sawashima and H. Hirose 45 PDF
Sound Image Space and Dominance K. Itoh and S. Kikkawa 55 PDF
A Primary Study on the Effects of Loudness, Duration and Number of Repetitions of Context Stimulus upon Vowel Perception S. Shigeno and H. Fujisaki 63 PDF
Intelligibility of the Frequency Compressed Speech and Its Application to the Hearing Aids S. Saito, S. Sekimoto and S. Kiritani 71 PDF
Syntactic Structures and Prosody in Japanese: A Study on Pitch Contours and the Pauses at Phrase Boundaries T. Uyeno, H. Hayashibe, K. Imai, H. Imagawa and S. Kiritani 91 PDF
Event-Related Brain Potentials and Selective Attention in Schizophrenia O. Saitoh, T. Kameyama, K. Hiramatsu, S. Niwa and K. Itoh 109 PDF
Oral Apraxia and Aphasia T. S. Watamori, M. Itoh, Y. Fukusako and S. Sasanuma 129 PDF
Psychogenic Disorders of Voice - Some Physiological Considerations H. Hirose 147 PDF
Clinical Evaluation of Voice Disorders M. Sawashima and M. Hirano 165 PDF
Clinical Observations on 750 Cases of Laryngeal Palsy H. Hirose, M. Sawashima and H. Yoshioka 173 PDF
Publications - 181 PDF