No.16 (1982)

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Temporal Characteristics of the Jaw Movements in the Production of Connected Vowels S. Kiritani, H. Imagawa, T. Takahashi, S. Masaki and K. Shirai 1 PDF
Interaction between Articulatory Movements and Vocal Pitch Control in Japanese Word Accent M. Sawashima, H. Hirose, H. Yoshioka and S. Kiritani 11 PDF
An Electro-Palatographic Study of Japanese Intervocalic /r/ M. Sudo, S. Kiritani and H. Yoshioka 21 PDF
Laryngeal Adjustments in Dutch Voiceless Obstruent Production H. Yoshioka, A. Lofqvist and R. Collier 27 PDF
An Acoustic Study of Tone, Tone Sandhi and Neutral Tone in Lian-Yun-Gang Dialect of Chinese R. Iwata and H. Imagawa 37 PDF
An Experimental Phonetic Observation of the Takamatsu Accent R. Fukui 51 PDF
Study on the Pitch Perception of Sentences Based on the F0-contour Generation Model H. Imagawa, S. Kiritani and S. Saito 63 PDF
Personal Characteristics of the Frequency Spectrum for Vowels S. Saito and F. Itakura 73 PDF
Tonal Difference Limens for Second Formant Frequencies of Synthesized Japanese Vowels T. Nakagawa, S. Saito and T. Yoshino 81 PDF
Effects of Formant Peak Emphasis on Vowel Intelligibility in Frequency Compressed Speech S. Sekimoto 89 PDF
Perceptual Normalization of Frequency Scale S. Sekimoto 95 PDF
Rhythm Perception in Repetitive Sound Sequence S. R. Hibi 103 PDF
Temporal Factors in Dominancy for Sound Image Space - A Neural Model of Binaural Interaction - K. Itoh and S. Kikkawa 125 PDF
Dichotic Detection Tasks and Schizophrenic Attentional Deficit S. Niwa, K. Hiramatsu, T. Kameyama, O. Saitoh and K. Itoh 143 PDF
The Left Hemisphere's Inability to Sustain Attention over Extended Time Periods in Schizophrenics S. Niwa, K. Hiramatsu, T. Kameyama, O. Saitoh, K. Itoh and H. Utena 165 PDF
A Study on Child Acquiring Process for /r/ H. Kunihiro 173 PDF
Velar Movements during Speech in Two Patients with Wernicke Aphasia M. Itoh, S. Sasanuma, H. Hirose, H. Yoshioka and M. Sawashima 183 PDF
Acquired Dyslexia in Japanese: A Case of 'Surface Dyslexia S. Sasanuma, M. Itoh and S. Murakami 195 PDF
Identification of Speech, Kana and Kanji, and the Span of Short-term Memory for Auditorily and Visually Presented Stimuli in Aphasic Patients I. F. Tatsumi, M. Itoh, K. Konno, S. Sasanuma and H. Fujisaki 205 PDF
Prognosis for Acquired Aphasia and Significance of Age at Onset: The Long-Term Outcome of Linguistic and Nonlinguistic Functions T. Watamori 219 PDF
On the Nature of Bradylalia - A Preliminary Study of the Acoustic Characteristics of Dysarthric Speech - H. Hirose, S. Kiritani and I F. Tatsumi 229 PDF
A Statistical Study of Vocal Cord Nodule, Vocal Cord Polyp and Polypoid Vocal Cord with Special Reference to the Physical and Social Histories of Patients N. Kawase, M. Sawashima, H. Hirose and T. Ushijima 235 PDF
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