No.17 (1983)

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Tables of Arabic Words for Experimental Phonetics F. Kuriyagawa 1 PDF
Electrical Characteristics and Preparation Technique of Hooked-Wire Electrodes for EMG Recording K. Honda, H. Miyata and S. Kiritani 13 PDF
The Airway Interruption Technique for Measuring Expiratory Air Pressure during Phonation M. Sawashima, S. Kiritani, S. Sekimoto, S. Horiguchi, K Okafuji and K. Shirai 23 PDF
Comparison of Velocity and Duration between Open to Close Vowel Transitions and Close to Open Vowel Transitions H. Imagawa, S. Kiritani. S. Masaki and K. Shirai 33 PDF
An Analysis of the Duration of the Jaw Movements in the Vowel Sequence Words S. Masaki, K. Shirai, S. Kiritani and H. Imagawa 37 PDF
Contextual Variation of the Jaw Movement for the Intervocalic Consonant in VCV Utterances S. Kiritani T Tanaka, K Hashimoto, S. Masaki and K. Shirai 45 PDF
The Articulation of Japanese Intervocalic /d/ and /r/: An Electro-Palatographic Study M.M. Sudo, S. Kiritani and M. Sawashima 55 PDF
Laryngeal Adjustments in Danish Voiceless Obstruent Production N. Fukui and H. Hirose 61 PDF
Activity of the Thyroarytenoid Muscle in the Production of Korean Stops and Fricatives H. Hirose, H.S. Park and M. Sawashima 73 PDF
Normalization of the Speaker Difference in Vowel Perception S. Sekimoto 83 PDF
Frequency Spectrum Deviation for Japanese Vowels between Speakers S. Saito and F. Itakura 97 PDF
The Influence of Consonantal Context on Vowel Identification T. Nakagawa, S. Saito and T. Yoshino 107 PDF
Intelligibility of Nonlinear Frequency Compressed Vowels S. Sekimoto 115 PDF
Localization of Pure Tones, White Noise, Single Resonance Tones, and Synthetic Vowels S. Shigeno and N Sakamoto 123 PDF
A Neuro-Synaptic Model of the Bilateral Auditory Nervous System - Image Lateralization and Binaural Unmasking K. Itoh 129 PDF
A Study on Child Pronunciation H. Kunihiro 147 PDF
A Developmental Study of the Interpretation of Anaphora in Japanese: An Interim Report N. Terazu and T. Uyeno 159 PDF
Voicing Distinction in Esophageal Speech - Perceptual, Fiberoptic and Acoustic Studies H. Hirose, M. Sawashima and H. Yoshioka 187 PDF
Discriminability of Second Formant Frequencies in Hearing - Impaired Children T. Nakagawa, S. Saito and T. Yoshino 201 PDF
A Longitudinal Study of an Ataxic Dysarthria K. Konno and H. Hirose 211 PDF
Recent Developments on Aphasia and Dementia in Japan T. S. Watamori 229 PDF
Retention of Spoken and Written (kana and kanji) Words in Normal Subjects and Patients with Conduction Aphasia I. F. Tatsumi, M. Itoh, S. Sasanuma and H. Fujisaki 239 PDF
Abnormalities in the Late Positive Components of ERPs May Reflect a Genetic Predisposition to Schizophrenia O. Saitoh, S. Niwa, K. Hiramatsu, T. Kameyama, K. Rymar and K Itoh 253 PDF
Correlations of Event-Related Potentials with Schizophrenic Deficits in Information Processing and Hemispheric Dysfunction K. Hiramatsu, T. Kameyama. O. Saitoh, S. Niwa, K. Rymar and K. Itoh 263 PDF
Schizophrenic Deficits in Information Processing as Reflected in ERP Abnormalities during Syllable Discrimination Tasks K. Hiramatsu, T. Kameyama, S. Niwa, O. Saitoh, K. Rymar and K. Itoh 277 PDF
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