No.18 (1984)

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An X-Ray Video-Image Analysis System S. Kiritani, A. Kawagoe and K. Hashimoto 1 PDF
Interactive LPC Analysis Synthesis Program on Vax with an Attached Array Processor H. Imagawa, S. Kiritani, S. Sekimoto and S. Saito 5 PDF
Ultrasonic Observation of Tongue Dynamics S. Niimi and Z. Simada 13 PDF
Further Works on the Airway Interruption Method of Measuring Expiratory Air Pressure during Phonation M. Sawashima, K. Honda, S. Kiritani, S. Sekimoto, S. Ogawa and K. Shirai 19 PDF
A Comparison of Open to Closed Vowel Transition and Closed to Open Vowel Transition The Duration of Jaw Movements and Formant Transitions H. Imagawa, S. Kiritani, S. Masaki and K. Shirai 27 PDF
Jaw Opening and the Time Constant of Jaw Movements in the Production of Sequences of Stationary Vowels and Vowel Sequence Words S. Masaki, K. Shirai, H. Imagawa and S. Kiritani 33 PDF
Glottal Area Variation and Supraglottal Pressure Change in Voicing Control H. Yoshioka 45 PDF
An Experimental Phonetic Observation of the Takamatsu Accent (Part II) R. Fukui 51 PDF
The Features of /k/ and /q/ in Cairo Standard Arabic F. Kuriyagawa 65 PDF
Vocalization Signs and Observed Duration of Vowels in Modern Hebrew F. Kuriyagawa 75 PDF
Vowel Duration in /huku/ and /huku/ in Japanese F. Kuriyagawa and M. Sawashima 83 PDF
A Neuro-Synaptic Model of the Masking and Unmasking Process in the Bilateral Auditory System K. Itoh 91 PDF
Further Study on the Frequency Spectrum Deviations between Speakers S. Saito and F. Itakura 107 PDF
Effect of Windowing the Residual Wave on Synthesized Speech Quality S. Saito and K. Itoh 113 PDF
Intelligibility of Nonlinear, Frequency Compressed Speech S. Sekimoto 119 PDF
Perception of [1] and [r] by Native Speakers of Japanese: A Distinction between Articulatory Tracking and Phonetic Categorization V.A. Mann 127 PDF
Temporary Memory for Linguistic and Nonlinguistic Material in Relation to the Acquisition of Japanese Kana and Kanji V.A. Mann 135 PDF
An Intraoral Pressure Study of Esophageal Speech H. Hirose, K. Honda and M. Sawashima 153 PDF
Laryngeal Dynamics in Dysarthric Speech H. Hirose, K. Honda, M. Sawashima and H. Yoshioka 161 PDF
Prosody in Broca's Aphasia: A Pilot Study K. Konno, M. Sugishita and H. Hirose 169 PDF
Compound Formation by Japanese Aphasics J. A. Bisazza and S. Sasanuma 179 PDF
Voice Onset Time Perception in Normal and Aphasic Subjects M. Itoh, I.F. Tatsumi, S. Sasanuma and Y. Fukusako 197 PDF
Internal Representations, Categorization and Concept of Colors in Pure Alexia with Color Naming Defects K. Fukuzawa, M. Ito, S. Sasanuma, T. Suzuki, Y. Fukusako and T. Masui 211 PDF
Perception of Tone-Glides in Hearing-Impaired Persons T. Nakagawa, S. Saito and T. Yoshino 235 PDF
Selective Attentional Functioning as Reflected in ERPs during Syllable Discrimination Tasks (I) An Introduction of the Method and Results for Normal Control Subjects K. Hiramatsu, T. Kameyama, S. Niwa, O. Saitoh, K. Rymar and K. Itoh 245 PDF
Selective Attentional Functioning as Reflected in ERPs during Syllable Discrimination Tasks (II) Correlations between Cognitive Deficits and Abnormal ERP Findings in Schizophrenics T. Kameyama, K. Hiramatsu, S. Niwa, O. Saitoh, K. Rymar and K. Itoh 267 PDF
On the Indication of the Microlaryngosurgery for Hoarseness in Children S. Niimi, K. Furukawa and K. Takemoto 295 PDF
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