No.9 (1975)

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Tongue Pellet Tracking and Other Radiographic Observations by a Computer Controlled X-Ray Microbeam System S. Kiritani, K. Itoh, H. Imagawa, H. Fujisaki and M. Sawashima 1 PDF
Synchronization of a Film Image with a Speech Signal S. Sekimoto, H. Imagawa and M. Sawashima 15 PDF
Laryngeal Control in Japanese Consonants, with Special Reference to Those in Utterance-Initial Position M. Sawashima, H. Hirose, T. Ushijima and S. Niimi 21 PDF
Fiberoptic, Electromyographic and Acoustic Analyses of Hindi Stop Consonants R. Kagaya and H. Hirose 27 PDF
The Posterior Cricoarytenoid as a Speech Muscle H. Hirose 47 PDF
Velar Height and Its Timing in French: A Fiberoptic Study A-P. Benguerel, H. Hirose, M. Sawashima and T. Ushijima 67 PDF
Electromyographic Study of the Velum in French A-P. Benguerel, H. Hirose, M. Sawashima and T. Ushijima 79 PDF
A Preliminary Report on the Electromyographic Study of the Activity of Lingual Muscles K. Miyawaki, H. Hirose, T. Ushijima and M. Sawashima 91 PDF
On the Discriminability of Duration, Intensity and Frequency of Tone Stimuli: A Preliminary Report I. F. Tatsumi, S. Sasanuma and H. Fujisaki 107 PDF
Perception of Dichotically Presented Synthetic Short Vowels - A Preliminary Report S. Sasanuma, T. Miyoshi, I. F. Tatsumi, Y. Kobayashi and H. Fujisaki 113 PDF
Automatic Recognition of Semivowels in Spoken Words H. Fujisaki, Y. Sato, Y. Noguchi and T. Yamakura 119 PDF
Analysis and Recognition of Voiceless Fricative Consonants in Japanese H. Fujisaki and O. Kunisaki 123 PDF
Perception of Time-Varying Resonance Frequencies in Speech and Non-Speech Stimuli H. Fujisaki and S. Sekimoto 127 PDF
Progress Report on an Acoustical Study of Pitch in Tibetan O. Kjellin 137 PDF
How to Explain the "Tones in Tibetan O. Kjellin 151 PDF
Is a High. Low, Back, Nonback Sound Possible O. Kjellin' and J. B. Lovins 167 PDF
Perception of Syntactic Structure in Japanese T. Uyeno and S. I. Harada 171 PDF
A Follow-Up Study on Postoperative Speech of Cleft Palate Children M. Sawashima. Y. Fukusako and M. Abe 193 PDF
Publications - 203 PDF