No.8 (1974)

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A High Voltage Thin X-Ray Beam Scanner for Computer Controlled Radiography S. Kiritani, K. Itoh and H. Imagawa 1 PDF
Stereo-Fiberscopic Measurement of the Larynx: A Preliminary Experiment by Use of Ordinary Laryngeal Fiberscopes M. Sawashima and S. Miyazaki 7 PDF
Laryngeal Conditions in Articulations of Japanese Voiceless Consonants M. Sawashima and S. Niimi 13 PDF
A Preliminary Study on the Simultaneous Recording of Laryngeal Muscle Activities and the Glottal Shape During Speech Utterance S. Niimi and M. Sawashima 19 PDF
A Study of the Musculature of the Human Tongue (Observations on transparent preparations of serial sections) Kuniko Miyawaki 23 PDF
Palatographic Observation of VCV Articulations in Japanese K. Miyawaki, S. Kiritani. I. F. Tataumi and O. Fujimura 51 PDF
Measurement of Mandibular Control in Vowels and Its Relevance to the Articulatory Description of the Vowel Systems of Korean and Japanese B. Kim and H. Fujisaki 59 PDF
Observation of Symmetry of Tongue Movement by Use of Dynamic Palatography S. Hiki and S. Imaizumi 69 PDF
EMG Analysis of the Motor Commands to Laryngeal Muscles for Word Accentuation Y. Kakita and S. Hiki 75 PDF
Formulation of the Coarticulatory Process in the Formant Frequency Domain and Its Application to Automatic Recognition of Connected Vowels H. Fujisaki, M. Yoshida and Y. Sato 79 PDF
Comprehension of Sentences in Aphasic Patients (1) Understanding "before" and "after": A preliminary report Sumiko Sasanuma and Akio Kamio 91 PDF
Final Report on the Pronunciation Test System Julie B. Lovins 99 PDF
An Approach to the Abbreviation of Code-Strings for Chinese Character Identification Ryohei Kagaya and Yo Kobayaahi 109 PDF
A Preliminary Report on Tibetan Tones Olle Kjellin 115 PDF
On Telegraphic Sentences in Japanese Tazuko Uyeno 125 PDF
Remarks on Relativization S. I Harada 133 PDF
Optional Pronominalization at the Discourse Level J. Hinds 145 PDF
Publications - 153 PDF