No.10 (1976)

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An Interactive Display Terminal for Image Measurement Using an X-Ray Microbeam Scan System S. Kiritani. K. Itoh. E. Takenaka, S. Sekimoto, H. Imagawa, H. Fujisaki and M. Sawashima 1 PDF
Simultaneous Recording of EMG with Pellet Tracking by Use of X-Ray Microbeam S. Kiritani, S. Sekimoto, H. Imagawa. K. Itoh, T. Ushijima and H. Hirose 13 PDF
Principal Component Analysis of Tongue Pellet Movement S. Kiritani and H. Imagawa 15 PDF
Tongue Pellet Movement for the Japanese CV Syllables - Observations Using the X-Ray Microbeam System - S. Kiritani, K. Itoh, H. Imagawa, H. Fujisaki and M. Sawashima 19 PDF
Analysis of Tongue Point Movements by a Linear Second-Order System Model Y. Sonoda and S. Kiritani 29 PDF
A Preliminary Report on the Electromyographic Study of the Production of the Japanese Semivowel /j/ K. Kakita, H. Hirose, T. Ushijima and M. Sawashima 37 PDF
Fiberoptic Acoustic Studies of Mandarin Stops and Affricates R. Iwata and H. Hirose 47 PDF
Devoiced and Whispered Vowels in Japanese R. S. Weitzman, M. Sawashima, H. Hirose and T. Ushijima 61 PDF
Laryngeal Control in French Stops: A Fiberoptic, Acoustic and Electromyographic Study A-P. Benguerel, H. Hirose, M. Sawashima and T. Ushijima 81 PDF
More on Laryngeal Control for Voicing Distinction in Japanese Consonant Production H. Hirose and T. Ushijima 101 PDF
Pitch Accent and Vowel Devoicing in Japanese: A Preliminary Study J. B. Lovins 113 PDF
A Phonetic Description of Tibetan with a review of the literature O. Kjellin 127 PDF
Analysis, Recognition, and Perception of Voiceless Fricative Consonants in Japanese H. Fujisaki and O. Kunisaki 145 PDF
Acoustic and Perceptual Analysis of Two-Mora Word Accent Types in the Osaka Dialect H. Fujisaki and M. Sugito 157 PDF
Analysis, Synthesis, and Perception of Word Accent Types in Japanese H. Fujisaki, H. Hirose and M. Sugito 173 PDF
Temporal Organization of Articulatory and Phonatory Controls in Realization of Japanese Word Accent H. Fujisaki, H. Morikawa and M. Sugito 177 PDF
Acoustic Analysis and Subjective Evaluation of Sung Vowels M. Tatsumi, O. Kunisaki and H. Fujisaki 191 PDF
On the Development of Perceptual Strategies in Children: A Case Study on the Japanese Child's Comprehension of the Relative Clause Constructions S. I. Harada, T. Uyeno. H. Hayashibe and H. Yamada 199 PDF
A Kinesiological Aspect of Myasthenia Gravis - An Electro-myographic Study of Velar Movements During Speech - T. Ushijima, M. Sawashima H. Hirose, M. Abe and T. Harada 225 PDF
Construction of a Short Test of Aphasia on the Basis of Factor Analysis Y. Fukusako and S. Sasanuma 233 PDF
A Computational Model of the Tongue S. Kiritani, K. Miyawaki, O. Fujimura and J. E. Miller 243 PDF
Publications - 253 PDF