No.4 (1970)

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A Preliminary Experiment of the Observation of the Hyoid Bone by Means of Digitally Controlled Dynamic Radiography S. Kiritani and O. Fujimura 1 PDF
An Electromyographic Study of the Activity of the Laryngeal Muscles During Speech Utterances H. Hirose, Z. Simada and O. Fujimura 9 PDF
The Function of the Laryngeal Muscles in Respect to the Word Accent Distinction Z. Simada and H. Hirose 27 PDF
The Function of the Sternohyoid Muscle in Speech J. Ohala and H. Hirose 41 PDF
Laryngeal Control of Swedish Word Tone - A Preliminary Report on an EMG Study- Eva Garding, O. Fujimura and H. Hirose 45 PDF
Airflow Rate in Singing M. Hirano, T. Miyahara, H. Hirose, S. Kiritani and O. Fujimura 55 PDF
Phoneme Identification with Dynamic Palatography Itaru Fujii 67 PDF
Remarks on Stop Consonants - Synthesis Experiments and Acoustic Cues Osamu Fujimura 75 PDF
Selective Impairment of Processing Phonetic and Non-phonetic Transcriptions of Words in Aphasic Patients - Kana and Kanji in Visual Recognition and Writing - S. Sasanuma and O. Fujimura 89 PDF
An Acoustic Study of Vowels in Down Syndrome Patients Masako Abe 95 PDF
Computer-Assisted Instruction in the Pronunciation of Foreign Languages S. L. Hanauer 103 PDF
The Pronunciation-Hearing Test Using a Hybrid Magnetic Tape System D. Smith, K. Ito, C. Sato, H. Ishida and O. Fujimura 111 PDF
A New Method of Blood Flow Measurement by Means of Digitally Controlled Dynamic Radiography - A Preliminary Report - K. Sano, I. Saito, N. Basugi, T. Asano, T. Fukushima, S. Kiritani and O. Fujimura 115 PDF
SCRIPTER: A Programming Language for Computer-Based Programmed Instruction H. Ishida and S. Furukawa 121 PDF
Remarks on the Notion of Subject with Reference to Words like Also, Even, Only, Illustrating Certain Manners in Which Formal Systems Are Employed as Auxiliary Devices in Linguistic Descriptions Part 2 S. - Y. Kuroda 127 PDF
Publications - 153 PDF