No.22 (1988)
A Festschrift for Prof. Masayuki Sawashima
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Vocal Fold Tissue of a 104-Year-Old Lady M. Hirano, S. Kurita and S. Sakaguchi 1 PDF
Electromyography of the Tongue Muscle During Vowels in /?pVp/ Environment T. Baer, P. Alfonso and K. Honda 7 PDF
Production and Perception of Accented Devoiced Vowels in Japanese M. Sugito and H. Hirose 19 PDF
Modeling the Air Flow in the Glottis J. Gauffin and J. Sundberg 39 PDF
Tense and Lax Vowels Pairs: A Problem Revisited K.S. Harris 51 PDF
Some Remarks on Consonant Clusters O. Fujimura 57 PDF
Significance of Combined Use of Fiberscopy and Fluorovideoradiography in Cleft Palate Speech H. Isshiki and M. Kawano 65 PDF
The Effect of Laryngeal Surgeries on the Speech Cepstrum Y. Koike and J. Kouda 73 PDF
A Pitch Synchronous Analysis of Hoarseness in Running Speech H. Muta, T. Baer, H. Fukuda and S. Saito 83 PDF
A Preliminary Study of Acoustic Evaluation of Dysarthric Speech H. Hirose, G. Ohyama and K. Konno 95 PDF
Design of a Computer-aided Speechreading Training A-P. Benguerel 103 PDF
Lexical Access of Kana Words and Words in Kana S. Sasanuma, N. Sakuma and I. Tatsumi 115 PDF
Phonological Awareness and Reading Experience: A Cross-Linguistic Perspective V.A. Mann 123 PDF
Thoughts on Grodzinsky's Theory of Agrammatism J.A. Bisazza 133 PDF
A Study on Dynamic Characteristics of Speech Signal S. Saito and K. Tamaribuchi 141 PDF
Advanced Technique for Speech Synthesis -A Research Plan on Techniques for Synthesizing Segmental Features- S. Kiritani and S. Imaizumi 151 PDF
The Physiological Role of the Sternothyroid Muscle in Phonation: An Electromyographic Study S. Niimi, S. Horiguchi and N. Kobayashi 163 PDF
Some Remarks on Prosody in Reading a Story in Japanese T. Ueno and H. Imagawa 171 PDF
Realization of Linguistic Information in the Voice Fundamental Frequency Contour of the Spoken Japanese H. Fujisaki and H. Kawai 181 PDF
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