No.27 (1993)
A Festschrift for Prof. Hajime Hirose
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A Study on the Inner Structure of the Tongue for Production of the 5 Japanese Vowels by Tagging Snapshot MRJ; a Second Report M. Kumada, M. Niitsu, S. Niimi, H. Hirose and Y. Itai 1 PDF
Articulatory Kinematics of Normal Diadochokinetic Performance J. R. Westbury and J. Dembowski 13 PDF
Modeling Vocal Tract Organs Based on MRI and EMG Observations and Its Implication on Brain Function K. Honda, H. Hirai and N. Kusakawa 37 PDF
Use of Magnetic Stimulation for Functional Analysis of Speech and Language Processing C. L. Ludlow, L. G. Cohen and M. Hallet 51 PDF
Generating Articulator Motion from Muscle Activity Using Artificial Neural Networks E. Vatikiotis-Bateson, M. Hirayama, Y. Wada and M. Kawato 67 PDF
High-speed Digital Image Recording System for Observing Vocal Cord Vibration S. Kiritani, H. Hirose and H. Imagawa 79 PDF
Fundamental Study on Vocal Fold Vibration and Its Clinical Application H. Fukuda 89 PDF
Voicing Distinction in Tracheoesophageal Speech -an Aerodynamic Study- N. Nishizawa, N. Sasaki, Y. Inuyama, K. Tanaka, M. Kato M. Takahashi and T. Ifukube 103 PDF
On the Origin of Multiplication of the Dominant Cepstral Peak Y. Koike, G. Ohyama, N. Takeda and K. Sogawa 115 PDF
Slow and Fast Perturbations in Voice -A Preliminary Report- H. Abdoerrachman, S. Imaizumi, H. Hirose and S, Niimi 125 PDF
Laryngeal Muscle Activity in Connection with Thai Tones D. Erickson 135 PDF
Devoicing of Vowel in Korean H-G, Kim, S. Niimi and H. Hirose 151 PDF
Assessment and Remediation of Intractable Articulation Disorders Using EPO W. Hardcastle, F. Gibbon and H. Dent 159 PDF
Clinical and Pathological Studies of Slowly Progressive Aphasia without Global Dementia M. Iwata 171 PDF
Possible Neural Correlates of Talker Identification in Budgerigars K. Mori 181 PDF
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