No.25 (1991)

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Electromyographic Studies on the Production of Pitch Contour in Accentless Dialects in Japanese S. Kiritani, H. Hirose, K. Maekawa H. Kawashima and T. Sato 1 PDF
Laryngeal Adjustments for the Korean Stops, Affricates and Fricatives - An Electromyographic Study K. Hong, S. Niimi and H. Hirose 17 PDF
An Electromyographic Study on Laryngeal Adjustment for Whispering K. Tsunoda, S. Niimi, H. Hirose, K. S. Harris and T. Baer 33 PDF
On the Timing of the Sternohyoid Muscle Activity Associated with Accent in the Kinki Dialect Z. B. Simada, S. Niimi and H. Hirose 39 PDF
Observation of Laryngeal Control by Use of Echogram A. Matsunaga, S. Niimi and H. Hirose 47 PDF
Vocal Fold Vibration and The Speech Waveform in Diplophonia S. Kiritani, H. Hirose and H. Imagawa 55 PDF
A Note on Phonetic Counts in Spoken Japanese P.A. Halle 63 PDF
Statistical Characteristics of Pauses in Different Speech Styles Y Misono, M. Sugito and S. Kiritani 75 PDF
The Duration of Geminate Consonants in Indonesian and in Thai Y. Masuko and S. Kiritani 81 PDF
Effects of Preceding Vowels on the Voicing Distinction for Stop Consonants among Hearing Impaired Subjects A. Hayashi, S. Imaizumi, T. Harada H. Seki and H. Hosoi 91 PDF
Naturalness Judgments for Stressed Vowel Duration in English and Japanese M. Mochizuki-Sudo, H. Imagawa and S. Kiritani 99 PDF
The Role of Gross Spectral Shape as an Invariant Cue for Identifying Voiceless Stop Consonants S. Sekimoto 103 PDF
Acoustical and Perceptual Characteristics of Pathological Voices: Rough, Creak, Fry and Diplophonia S. Imaizumi and J. Gauffin 109 PDF
Comparison of Aphasic Patients and Demented Patients Using Neuropsychological Test Battery Y. Fukusako, T. S. Watamori, H. Monoi and S. Sasanuma 121 PDF
Word Association in Aphasia: The Semantic Relationship between Stimulus Word and Response M. Tateishi, Y. Fukusako, N. Chino and H. Hirose 147 PDF
Arytenoid Adduction as a Surgical Treatment for Hoarseness with Unilateral Vocal Cord Fixation S. Niimi, N. Tayama, M. Yagi, Y. Murakami and H. Hirose 161 PDF
A Study on the Relationship between Event-Related Potentials and Plasma Homovanillic Acid Concentration in Schizophrenics M. Fukuda, K. Hiramatsu, S. Hayashida S. Niwa, O. Saitoh, H. Honda, K. Nakagome, T. Sasaki, A. Iwanami and K. Itoh 169 PDF
Processing of Ambiguous Sentences in Schizophrenics S. Niwa, K. Itoh, K. Hiramatsu, M. Fukuda, O. Saito, A. Iwanami, T. Sasaki, K. Nakagome and S. Hayashida 181 PDF
Further Evidence of a Nasal-Liquid Alternation A. Soejima and S. Kiritani 189 PDF
Japanese and French Infants' Vocalizations at the Onset of First Words: A Comparison of Phonetic and Prosodic Cues in Disyllabic Productions P.A. Halle 195 PDF
A Neuro-Synaptic Model of State-Dependent EEG Wave Generation in the Subcortico-Cortical System K. Itoh 221 PDF
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