No.24 (1990)

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Observation of Pathological Vocal Fold Vibration Using a High-Speed Digital Image-Recording System S. Kiritani, H. Hirose and H. Imagawa 1 PDF
An Electromyographic Study on Laryngeal Adjustment in Production of the Mandarin Chinese Light Tone S. Niimi, Q. Yan, S. Horiguchi and H. Hirose 7 PDF
Syllable Final " Glottal Stop " in Chinese Dialects -A Fiberoptic and Electromyographic Study- R. Iwata, H. Hirose, S. Niimi and S. Horiguchi 19 PDF
Modern Standard Chinese Four Tones Electromyographic and Acoustic Patterns Revisited P. A. Halle, S. Niimi, S. Imaizumi and H. Hirose 41 PDF
A Preliminary Report on the Interaction between Movements of the Velum and Tongue during the Production of /CVV(V)N/ Sequences in Japanese S. Horiguchi and S. Niimi 59 PDF
Participation of the Sternohyoid Muscle in Pitch Lowering: Evidence from Osaka Japanese S. Kori, M. Sugito, H. Hirose and S. Niimi 65 PDF
A Study on Formant Synthesis by Rule with Variable Speaking Rate S. Imaizumi and S. Kiritani 77 PDF
Perceptual Frequency Normalization of Frequency- Compressed or Expanded Voiceless Stops S. Sekimoto 89 PDF
Perception of Frequency-Compressed Voiced Stops and Semivowels S. Sekimoto 97 PDF
The Distribution Pattern of Pauses in Lecture-Style Speech Y. Misono and S. Kiritani 101 PDF
Perception of Mora Sounds in Japanese by Non-Native Speakers of Japanese Y. Masuko and S. Kiritani 113 PDF
A Preliminary Study on Pauses and Breaths in Reading Speech Materials M. Sugito, G. Ohyama and H. Hirose 121 PDF
Alternation between Stop Nasal and (Nasalized) Flap or Lateral A. Soejima, H. Imagawa and S. Kiritani 131 PDF
Relationships between Ear's Temporal Windows and VOT Perception for Normal and Hearing-Impaired Listeners A. Hayashi, S. Imaizumi, T. Harada H. Seki and H. Hosoi 145 PDF
Ability of Perceptual Normalization of Vocal Tract Size in Young Children K. Sakata, T. Deguchi, A. Hayashi and S. Kiritani 157 PDF
The Perception of Articles in Spoken English by Japanese College Students M. Mochizuki-Sudo, H. Suzuki, K. Matsuno and S. Kiritani 163 PDF
Rehabilitation and Social Participation among Laryngectomees H. Hirose 171 PDF
The Influence of Age on the Symptoms (Type and Severity), Recovery Process and Prognosis of Aphasia Y. Fukusako, H. Monoi and H. Hirose 177 PDF
Personal-Computer Based Vocabulary Training System for Aphasic Patient S. Kiritani, H. Imagawa, T. Suzuki and Y. Fukusako 209 PDF
Post-Operative Care of Laryngeal Polyps H. Yamaguchi, Y. Watanabe, H. Hirose, M. Sawashima and D. M. Bless 213 PDF
Pushing Exercise Program to Correct Glottal Incompetence H. Yamaguchi, Y. Watanabe, H. Hirose, N. Kobayashi and D. M. Bless 223 PDF
A Quantitative Evaluation of Dysarthric Speech Using Acoustic Analysis G. Ohyama, H. Hirose and Y. Watanabe 235 PDF
Psychological Manipulation of P300 Amplitude Abnormalities in Schizophrenics: Reconfirmation and Extension of our Previous Result M. Fukuda, S. Niwa, K. Hiramatsu, O. Saitoh, S. Hayashida, K. Nakagome A. Iwanami. T. Sasaki and K. Itoh 243 PDF
Guidelines for Neurolinguistics John. A. Bisazza 257 PDF
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