No.20 (1986)

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Development of Logopedics and Phoniatrics in Japan --A Historical Review-- I. Kirikae 1 PDF
Simultaneous High-Speed Digital Recording of Vocal Fold Vibration, Speech and EGG S. Kiritani, H. Imagawa and H. Hirose 11 PDF
Improvements in the High-Speed Digital Image Recording System for Observing Vocal Fold Vibration H. Imagawa, S. Kiritani, K. Honda and H. Hirose 17 PDF
An Electromyographic Study of the Emphatic Consonants in Standard Jordanian Arabic F. Kuriyagawa, M. Sawashima, S. Niimi and H. Hirose 23 PDF
Influences of Increase in Speaking Rate on Jaw and Tongue Positions for Vowels in the Production of Vowel Sequence Words S. Masaki, S. Kiritani, S. Niimi and K. Shirai 33 PDF
Measurements of the Three-Dimensional Shape of the Vocal Tract Based on the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technique M. Rokkaku, K. Hashimoto, S. Imaizumi, S. Niimi and S. Kiritani 47 PDF
How Voiceless Sound Sequences are Organized in Terms of Glottal Opening Gestures H. Yoshioka, A. Lofqvist, H. Hirose and R. Collier 55 PDF
Visuo-Acoustic Interaction in the Image Space of Binaural Sounds K. Itoh, T. Abe, M. Takahashi, M. Tojo and S. Kikkawa 69 PDF
A Neuro-Synaptic Model of Auditory Memory and Pitch Perception K. Itoh 83 PDF
Syntactic Control of Speech Timing: A Developmental Study M. Mochizuki-Sudo and K. Tanno-Sato 103 PDF
Vowel Duration in Japanese /tsuku/ and /tsuku/ F. Kuriyagawa and M. Sawashima 119 PDF
Duration of Vowels in Nouns in the Construct State in Hebrew F. Kuriyagawa 131 PDF
The Problematic Nature of Neurolinguistic Data J. A. Bisazza 141 PDF
Durational Aspect of Prosody in Broca's Aphasia K. Konno, M. Sugishita and H. Hirose 161 PDF
Pathophysiology of Motor Speech Disorders (Dysarthria) H. Hirose 169 PDF
A Preliminary Report on the Tongue Dynamics of Dysarthric Patients S. Niimi, H. Nakayama, N. Masaki, H. Hirose and S. Kiritani 205 PDF
Clinical Application of the Acoustic Measurement of Pathological Voice Qualities S. Imaizumi 211 PDF
Some Clinical Data on Aerodynamic Examination Using the Airway Interruption Method M. Sawashima, K. Honda, S. Niimi and H. Hirose 217 PDF
Idiopathic Associated Laryngeal Palsy N. K. Nishizawa and H. Hirose 225 PDF
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