1. A rocket

  3. The earth and a satellite
  4. Digital, high definition television has been made available to medical professionals in Japan.


  5. Surgery, pathological image, X-ray film, tele-medicine, and remote joint lecture
  6. MINCS-UH (University Medical Information Network by Communications Satellite) is the first broadcasting system in the world in which digital, high definition television is realized.


  7. Title "MINCS-UH" with the earch and the satellite

  9. Antennas and buildings
  10. In 1996, MINCS-UH was introduced to eight national university hospitals in Japan. Its equipment includes:


  11. Hi-Vision TV camera for surgery
  12. a television camera for surgery,


  13. Hi-Vision video tap recorder
  14. video tap recorder,


  15. Hi-Vision video monitor
  16. television monitor,


  17. Lecture with Hi-Vision projects
  18. large-size high definition television projectors,


  19. Control panel for MINCS-UH
  20. control panels for a lecture room


  21. camera for X-ray and slide photos
  22. camera for X-ray and slide photos


  23. Hi-Vision video editing system
  24. editing system


  25. Movable television camera
  26. movable television camera


  27. Camera for microsurgery
  28. camera for microsurgery


  29. Control room for MINCS-UH
  30. In the MINCS system, all the communications are encrypted using reliable digital encryption algorithm.


  31. Surgical operation
  32. Thus, patients privacy is strictly protected.


  33. Bi-directional communication mechanism of MINCS-UH (illustration)
  34. MINCS is a bi-directional communication system, enabling interactive communication ( questions and answers etc.) between remote university hospitals.



  35. NHK Hi-Vision broadcasting (car race)
  36. Hi-Vision broadcasting of Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) ? This is an analogue-based system.


  37. Heart surgery
  38. MINCS system is the first digital, high definition television broadcasting system in the world.


  39. Surgery, pathological image, X-ray film, tele-medicine, and remote joint lecture
  40. As the data transfer rate of MINCS-UH is much higher, the communication is much more comfortable.


  41. Antenna
  42. Thanks to the MINCS-UH, we are now in the new age of medical communications.

    It can be used for many purposes.


  43. Remote lecture (question and answer)
  44. The first example:

    Joint lecture among remote universities .


  45. Heart surgery

  47. Remote lecture
  48. Thanks to the high quality image, it is easy to understand the details of the surgical operation.


  49. Remote clinical conference (National Children's Hospital, Japan)
  50. The second example:

    The joint clinical conferences


  51. Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe ) Earthquake
  52. The third example:

    Communication system in a large-scale disaster.

    MINCS will be useful when the ground communication circuits are destroyed by the disaster.


  53. Tele-pathology
  54. The forth example:

    Tele-medicine including tele-pathology.


  55. University campus
  56. MINCS was introduced to eight national university hospitals in 1996.

    The number of sites will increase gradually in the future.


  57. Antenna