"The Grid" by Francis Ohanyido

    Francis Ohanyido, Nigeria

         A short poem "The Grid":

I feel

The connection

When we meet

Connected for life in methods

Before the smiling Imhotep, Charaka, Lazarsfeld, Cauchy …
Many more connected, many more faces alit

Smiling down the Hallways of Thoth

A quest for the light

 Long shining in our thoughts.


We are here

Bound by research

Evolving The Grid

Lacing these web-o- minds  

Birthing ideas and innovation

Forging the Ankh of Wisdom  

In the Great Library of Alexandria

Where the walls know limitless scrolls

And knowledge walks the Hall.


We are here

Wed in communion of research

Into communities of interest

A stimulus for cross-disciplinary enquiry

In tremulous dawn before the awakening

Into the fellowship of The Grid.


We are here, it is here

Power- up The Grid!


By Francis Ohanyido, February, 2016