(Brazilian Health Care Professionals Association in Japan)

Tokyo, Nov. 20, 1997

Dear Friend,
ABRAS-J is an association funded with the objective of reuniting Brazilian
professionals in health field that were dispersed throughout Japan, to
exchange informations and experiences, as well as discussing problems
related to Brazilian community here, looking for solutions. With the
purpose of promoting these exchange, the ABRAS-J make two annual meetings.
Recently, the ABRAS-J, with Banco do Brasil (Bank of Brazil) support,
published a manual called: SAUDE (Health), that will orientate Brazilian
people concerning the Japanese Health system, clarifying about many
diseases as well as prevention forms.
So, we have the pleasure to invite you for the XIII ABRAS-J meeting that
will be held on March 7, 1998 (Saturday), in Tokyo Medical and Dental
University, Tokyo.
We count with the presence of friends coming from several parts of Japan,
that expand our meetings with the presentation of scientific works of
respective fields. Your research inscription will be welcomed.
With the purpose of knowing how much participants will come in the next
meeting, we would like that you, dear friend, answer us by sending the post
card (hagaki), that is annex to this letter, until Dec. 10, 1997. We count
on you to come and to divulge about the meeting to your friends even when
they are not linked to the field. Lately, we will send you more
informations about the place and the program for the partners who confirm
the presence. In the case of INTERNEt users, you can mail

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.
Thank you for your kindly attention.

Lina & Cintia
Organizing Committee
Lina Naomi Hashizume
Tokyo Med & Dental Univ
Dep of Preventive Dentistry
tel: (03) 5803-5477
fax: (03) 5803-0194
e-mail: lina-hashizume.prev@dent.tmd.ac.jp    

 Cintia Yoko Morioka, MD
Toyama Med & Pharm Univ
3rd Dept of Internal Medicine
tel: (0764) 34-2281 ext.: 2513/3014
fax: (0764) 34-5027
e-mail: sorte-tym@umin.u-tokyo.ac.jp

We will be waiting for your participation.
We are looking forward for your inscription!

Call  for Abstracts

Jan. 7, 1998 - Receipt of abstracts
Jan. 31, 1998 - Confirmation of abstracts presentation

Abstract structure:
1. Title: in capital letters
2. Authors: full name. Underline the name of the author who will present
the paper if it is selected for presentation.
3. Institution: indicate the name and location of the institution where the
work was done.
4. Abstract: trunk it in 250 words, in English or Portuguese or Spanish. It
should contain: study's purpose, a brief description of materials and
methods, summary of the results and a statement of the conclusions reached.
We recommend the following formats for the abstract:
- Font: Times or Times New Roman, 12-size
- Paragraph: double spacing
- Text in column, A-4 size, with superior margins exceeding 2.5 cm
Annex, a sample of the abstract.

Mail one copy of the  original abstract.
Mail in a floppy-disk (1.44MB, 2-HD) in the format MS-Word 5.1 for
Macintosh or Windows for IBM or in simple text, identifying with your
name/software version.
Mail to: 
Cintia Yoko Morioka (XIII ABRAS-J Meeting)
Toyama Med. & Pharm. Univ.
3rd Dept. of Internal Medicine
     930-01  2630 Sugitani, Toyama
tel.: (0764) 34-2281 ext.: 2513/3014
fax: (0764) 34-5027
e-mail: sorte-tym@umin.u-tokyo.ac.jp

As visual material, slides or transparencies will be accepted. Please, tell
us which one you intend to use.
It will be given certificates and symbolic presents to the authors.