On-line Abstract Submission System FAQ (For Contributors)

This page contains frequently asked questions (FAQ) and the answers for the On-line Abstract Registration System.

    1: After I submitted an abstract, I found my abstract truncated
    in the middle of the body on Web browser.

    1: Please find a 1 byte character "<" in the abstract.
    This character is sometimes recognized as an HTML tag, so that some Web browsers do not
    display the words following it. You need to replace "<" by "&lt;".
    This will not happen on the newly developed browsers which automatically differentiate a
    character "<" from an HTML tag. We, however, strongly recommend not to use a 1 byte
    character "<", because the automatic detection feature of the browser is not always guaranteed.
    It is wise to use "&lt;" instead of "<".

    2: The connection to my Internet provider is terminated automatically when
    I am taking time to type in or edit my abstract. or I would like to save the connection time to my
    Internet provider to avoid a costly telephone bill.

    2: You can use Cut & Paste to put your abstract into the submission page.
    Before connecting to the provider, create your abstract with a title, authors, and institutions using any
    word processing application, and check it carefully. Then, open the connection to the submission page and
    paste the information on it.

    3: I could not find or open my submitted abstract to revise.

    3: In case, you had submitted the abstract on the practice page by mistake, the
    abstract might be erased automatically. You need to submit your abstract again on the registration page.
    Or check your abstract ID and password. You can not open your abstract without the correct ID and password
    to revise. If you input the wrong password, a message "Wrong ID No. or password" will be displayed.
    If this happens, check the following.

    1. Password is case-sensitive. Check that capital letters in your password, and also check whether caps lock
    is on or off.
    2. Check if you input 2-byte characters in your password. We do not recommended you to use 2-byte characters in
    the password.
    3. Make sure your ID and password are correct. Do not make mistake in the letter "l" and the number "1", nor
    the letter "O" and the number "0".

    If you see the message "The abstract for ID No. XXXXX cannot be found", the ID number you input does not exist.
    Check if you do not input 2-byte characters for the ID number. If you input the abstract on the practice page,
    you can not find the abstract on the registration page. You need to input the abstract again on the registration page.

    4: When I reconfirm my abstract after making some revisions, I found the abstract
    reverted back to its original state without the revisions.

    4: Check the following.

    a. The Web browser may have the original data cached into your computer. Click on the [Reload] button on the browser
    to get the updated abstract.
    b. Did you click the [Update] button to register your revision? In this case, you need to revise again, and do not forget
    to click the [Update] button.

    5: I revised a figure and uploaded it, but the figure did not update.

    5: The old figure may have still cached in the browser. Click on the [Reload] button.

    6: When I submit an abstract with a figure, the [Browse] button does not appear on the browser and
    I cannot upload the figures. I am using Internet Explorer 3.02 on Windows 95.

    6: It may not be possible to upload figures if you are using an old version of Internet Explorer.
    Use either Netscape Navigator 3 (or newer) or Internet Explorer 4 (or newer).

    7: When input roman numbers, but the message "Character not defined in JIS code."
    What should I do to input roman numbers?

    7: You can not input roman numbers which are not defined in JIS code. Input roman numbers using
    alphabet I , V , and X such as II , VI or XI.

    8: I want to change the registered e-mail address. Do I have to input whole abstract again?

    8: You do not need to input whole abstract again. Just edit the e-mail address on the page,
    and update the data.

    9: There is a lot of items to be input such as the names of co-authors and institutions.
    Do I register an incomplete abstract for the later revision? Or everything I input will be lost and I am required to start
    over from thebeginning to register.

    9: You are requested to register all the essential items for the first time. Everything you input
    will be lost if you do not register. You can input only the essential data at a time with anything not essential left for
    later revision.

    10: Even if I input "<U>Underline</U>", the underline is not drawn.
    On the registration page, the explanation statements for tags say that "<U>Underline</U>" actually draw underline.

    10: Older Web browsers for Macintosh do not display underlines. This symptom was found to occur on
    Internet Explorer v.3 and v. 4, and Netscape v. 3 and v. 4. With a Web browser for Windows, lines are actually displayed.