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Publish Soon, Publish Often, a Guide to Scientific Publications

To publish in international journals one needs expertise in research methods.  However, in most countries there are few  trained in research methods.  We have built a research methods Supercourse and help desk to assist potential researchers in the development, data collection and analysis of  studies

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Google Books - statistics  - About 14,300 results

Nobel Collection at the Library of Alexandria, Egypt    Nobel room at Library of Alexandria

Statistics at Square One. Free on-line book from BMJ. Ninth Edition    Additional Link

Epidemiology for the uninitiated, fourth edition - free online Book

Fisher 1925 Statistical methods for research workers

Statistical Methods in Medical Research. R Armitage, G. Berry, J.N.S. Matthews. Fourth edition

Epidemiology Books

WHO Regional Publications Eastern Mediterranean Series 30 "A Practical Guide for Health Researchers" by Mahmoud F. Fathalla and Mohamed M. F. Fathalla  (Available in Arabic and Spanish as well)

Basic epidemiology  By R Bonita, R Beaglehole, T Kjellstrom

The Elements of Statistical Learning by Hastie, Tibshirani, and Friedman is a standard text for statistics and data mining, and is now free:


Mathematics and Mathematical Astronomy books (ancient and early modern mathematics and mathematical astronomy)

The Very First Light: The True Inside Story of the Scientific Journey Back to the Dawn of the Universe by John Boslough and John Mather

ASA statistical consulting Section -

Online textbook resources (restricted any ".edu" websites) by Curtis Tilves (Supercourse Team)